Breeding Philosophy | Chenu Charolais, Cattle Stud Central Victoria

Chenu Charolais
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Our Breeding Philosophy

Chenu Charolais aims to still keep our charolais looking like charolais. We strive to keep the bone and muscle in our cattle, but keeping in mind the current market trends.

In saying that, muscle comes from bone so we like to see our bulls showing that masculine charolais muscle pattern that produces those heavy weighing vealers. They also need to have the ability to lay down fat and be ‘easy doing’, but still calve down easily.

To achieve this early maturing bull capable of achieving such weights and targets, we have found that a mix of French, North American and Australian genetics produces that type of calf.

We aim to produce bulls capable of turning off vealers from a british cow herd at 8-9 months of age.

Our clients are turning off vealers quickly and easily achieving market specifications. Due to maintaining the bone and volume in our herd, the vealers also grow out to be top end bullocks or F1 females.

We strictly cull on nature and structure and any of our clients can verify the nature and longevity of our bulls.