Sale Stock | Chenu Charolais, Cattle Stud Central Victoria

Chenu Charolais
(Work) P: 03 5438 3668
A: Chamberlains Rd, Bridgewater, Victoria, 3516, AU
  • Picture of charolais cow & calves grazing

  • Southern Breeders Sale Yea Saleyards 2nd March

    Lots 18, 19, 26, 27, 28.

    5 Bulls and 2 Heifers on Sale

  • Chenu Kinetic

    Lot 18 at the Southern Breeders Sale

    Soft polled bull coming from a very strong maternal female line. A bull destined to produce top end vealers with great figures to match.

  • Chenu Kiwi

    Lot 19 at the Southern Breeders Sale

    Well bred bull with great conformation to match. Really sound bull that gets around the paddock. Good muscle pattern that will suit any enterprise from vealers to bullocks.

  • Chenu Klick

    Lot 26 at the Southern Breeders Sale

    A soft polled bull that will produce thick meaty vealers with an EBV in the top 20% for 200 days. Coming from a strong female line that consistently breeds strong masculine bulls that produce vealer bulls time and time again.

  • Chenu Klassy

    Lot 27 at the Southern Breeders Sale

    A bull that was shown lightly during the spring show season that goes back to a great Ashwood Park cow. Very placid nature with a great muscle pattern and softness to match all in a polled package. A bull that will produce vealers that will make your neighbour jealous!

  • Chenu Kenworth

    Lot 28 at the Southern Breeders Sale

    A bull that comes from the heart of our herd on our Pussycat line by our Ferrari Sire. We sold out Ferrari bulls last year with people asking for more, so here is your chance! These bulls make ultimate vealer producers and Kenworth is no exception. This bull will repay your investment, with quick turn off in your calves reaching finishing weights faster than you could imagine.

  • Heifers

    Good broody type heifers that will mature into big growth cows.

    A small number of females are still available, please enquire.

  • K1

    The full package bull, great muscle pattern.

    A bull that will deliver all sides to your enterprise whether it is vealers, F1’s or bullocks. This bull is the all round package with a great muscle pattern; and well conformed to match. Softness with muscle and bone!

  • K7

    A bull that holds great condition.

    Here is a bull to suit which ever way you decide to market your calves. He will have punchy vealers or some end weight for the bullock or F1 female job. Really easy doing bull that keeps his condition well. A bull that won’t disappoint and all in a polled package.