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Chenu Charolais
(Work) P: 03 5438 3668
A: Chamberlains Rd, Bridgewater, Victoria, 3516, AU
  • Picture of charolais cow & calves grazing

  • Langi Ghiran Jumping Jack (P) J18E

    Jumping Jack a bull with great conformation and thick muscle pattern.

    This is a bull that is bred for producing vealers, going back to the infamous MAC 2244. Super thick with a great muscle pattern and good fat deposits in a polled package. Good solid bone with great conformation. He had the heaviest weight when put over the scales in November with figures to back it up. Top 5% for 400 and 600 days. An all round bull that will make your neighbours turn their heads at your calves.

  • Heifers

    Good broody type heifers that will mature into big growth cows.

    A small number of females are still available, please enquire.