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Chenu Charolais
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A: Chamberlains Rd, Bridgewater, Victoria, 3516, AU
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About Us - Chenu Charolais, Cattle Stud Victoria

Our stud numbers of females is maintained at about 50 head whilst running a commercial herd of about 60 head. The commercial herd is made up of red and black angus. Both our commercial and stud cows calve both autumn and spring.

Our show and sale cattle, including all bulls, are located at Bridgewater, and all commercial and stud cows are located on the family farm at Baringhup West. Chenu bulls are used over our commercial cows in order to assess our own bull selection and ensure that we are on the right track in order to maintain calving ease, quick growth and vealers that are turned off at 8-12 months of age.

We strive to work with our clients for bull selection and inquire as what type of bull they are after. We have sold bulls to go over heifers, straight vealer bulls as well as bulls that will add top end weight to produce big framed F1 heifers and bullocks.

We cull very strictly on our bulls to ensure that our clients are purchasing bulls that will meet their expectations. Our first and foremost selection point is nature followed by confirmation including legs and feet. There is little point in a bull having excellent growth with a poor nature, as this will follow through to his calves. Calves that stress and worry also won’t put on weight as easily as quiet well natured calves.

We show our stud cattle at selected local and interstate shows, primarily as a way of showcasing to the public the breeding ambitions and goals of the stud. Accolades in the show ring have been numerous with champion ribbons at many shows including the Royal Melbourne, National Beef at Bendigo, Beef Spectacular at Dubbo and the Royal Adelaide Show.